Tiki Oasis Symposium, Sunday, 8/1/21

Hello Brown Metropolis readers! If you are at Tiki Oasis in San Diego, CA this weekend, I will be giving a free symposium on “Hawaiian and Maori Cultures in Film” on Sunday, August 1st. The event is free to Tiki Oasis attendees and it takes place at the Town & Country Resort, in Ballroom B,Continue reading “Tiki Oasis Symposium, Sunday, 8/1/21”

Participate in a Clinical Forensic Psychology Study for Doctoral Student Constance Ortega

Hello Readers! It has been three weeks since my last blog post. I took a few weeks off to do other types of writing and catch up on my tenure track job search. It is a difficult time for everyone on the academic job market while unemployed or working as adjunct lecturers. I see you,Continue reading “Participate in a Clinical Forensic Psychology Study for Doctoral Student Constance Ortega”

Celia’s Song [Canción]

The third Latin American children’s book recommended in this series is  My Name is Celia/Me llamo Celia: The Life of Celia Cruz/la vida de Celia Cruz by Monica Brown, with illustrations from Rafael López. The June 2020 webinar, “How to Talk to Kids About Race,” included two college-aged panelists. I mentioned Manny Leon in myContinue reading “Celia’s Song [Canción]”

VIBE Movement Panel 8-8-20 (Cost: $0)

Brown Metropolis wants to connect you to VIBE Movement! If you have read the last two blog posts about Latin American children’s literature, then you will have read about VIBE’s June panel on “How to Talk to Kids About Race.” In July, I was a panelist on VIBE’s “Anti-Racism for Educators, Parents, and Youth Influencers.”Continue reading “VIBE Movement Panel 8-8-20 (Cost: $0)”