About Dr. Castaneda

PhD in English, lecturer in English, Film, and Television History & Theory

Clarissa Castaneda, PhD is a scholar of Chicane/Latine American literature, visual culture, and cultures; Latin American literature; indigenous literature and cultures; American Ethnic literature; Children’s Literature; systems of oppression and race; film, television, visual and material cultures; archive theory; and poetics.  Her dissertation, Latinidades and the Repository Function of the Poetic (2020), is available via ProQuest.  And, “Indigenous Libretto and Aural Memory in The Sun Dance and El Circo Anahuac” is available in Displaced: Literature of Indigeneity, Migration, and Trauma (Routledge 2020). 

Dr. Castaneda is currently a lecturer for the English department at Cal Poly Pomona, and a faculty associate for the English/Film & Television Studies department at Arizona State University. She has also been a lecturer in English at University California Riverside, and a Visiting Assistant Professor in English at University Redlands. She is an alumnus of University of California Riverside (PhD in English), Claremont Graduate University (Dual MA in English and Creative Writing in Poetry), and Loyola Marymount University (BA in English Literature). Dr. Castaneda’s main hobbies are creative writing in poetry, studying classical music for opera performance, and writing music with her family Americana band.

Professional memberships include Latin American Studies Association, Latina/o Studies Association, Modern Language Association, National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, and Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association.

Máximo is Dr. Castaneda’s kitten Teaching Assistant Extraordinaire and ninja at-large.

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