Tiki Oasis Symposium, Sunday, 8/1/21

Hello Brown Metropolis readers! If you are at Tiki Oasis in San Diego, CA this weekend, I will be giving a free symposium on “Hawaiian and Maori Cultures in Film” on Sunday, August 1st. The event is free to Tiki Oasis attendees and it takes place at the Town & Country Resort, in Ballroom B, from 12-1 pm.

This event is sponsored by Copalli Rum, but I am not being paid to give this symposium. I designed this symposium after spending some time as a volunteer member of the Tiki Oasis Diversity & Inclusion Council. I will be touching upon the four films pictured below!

Hopefully, this event will be recorded so that I can share it on the Tiki Oasis TV youtube page. I will also be sharing my thoughts in each film in blog posts throughout August 2021.

Published by Clarissa Castaneda, PhD

Clarissa Castaneda, PhD is a scholar of Latine/Chicane American literature and cultures, indigenous literatures and cultures, film/television/visual/material cultures, archive theory, and poetics. Her dissertation, Latinidades and the Repository Function of the Poetic (2020), is available via ProQuest. And, “Indigenous Libretto and Aural Memory in The Sun Dance and El Circo Anahuac” is available in Displaced: Literature of Indigeneity, Migration, and Trauma (Routledge 2020). Dr. Castaneda is a lecturer in English at Cal Poly Pomona and a faculty associate in Film & Television Studies at Arizona State University. In addition to research, academic writing, and teaching, she is a creative writer, poet, and musician.

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