Stories that Travel

As Fall 2020 quarters and semesters begin, I went on a family trip to Pescadaro, CA to celebrate my birthday. One of the largest forest fires in the state of California was there to greet us. As we were evacuated from our cabins on the Pacific Coast, the smoke followed. It followed us north toContinue reading “Stories that Travel”

Radiant Children & Multicultural Reality

Parents Tiffany and Bertram Rothe lent their multicultural and trans-national perspectives to the June 2020 webinar from VIBE Movement, “How to Talk to Kids About Race.” As parents to two multiracial children with American and German national roots, Tiffany and Bertram are at the frontline of navigating the challenges of raising their daughters in anContinue reading “Radiant Children & Multicultural Reality”

Celia’s Song [Canción]

The third Latin American children’s book recommended in this series is  My Name is Celia/Me llamo Celia: The Life of Celia Cruz/la vida de Celia Cruz by Monica Brown, with illustrations from Rafael López. The June 2020 webinar, “How to Talk to Kids About Race,” included two college-aged panelists. I mentioned Manny Leon in myContinue reading “Celia’s Song [Canción]”

VIBE Movement Panel 8-8-20 (Cost: $0)

Brown Metropolis wants to connect you to VIBE Movement! If you have read the last two blog posts about Latin American children’s literature, then you will have read about VIBE’s June panel on “How to Talk to Kids About Race.” In July, I was a panelist on VIBE’s “Anti-Racism for Educators, Parents, and Youth Influencers.”Continue reading “VIBE Movement Panel 8-8-20 (Cost: $0)”